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What my hunch says?

What my hunch says?

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  18 March 2016 12:00 AM GMT

What my hunch says?

Many believe that stars help one succeed in life more than actions do. There are umpteen examples to prove this statement. And as such many mediocre people have been holding high offices in public life and elsewhere. It is of course, difficult to unearth the mystic law of the universe; why it does happen? In this regard I would like to refer Tarun Gogoi, who has been holding the chair of the Chief Minister for last 15 years. As we all know that around 53 or so legislators of his party and with the help of some stalwarts of the congress party in Delhi tried hard to unseat him but had to retract ultimately. Many surrendered and some had to leave the party in utter frustration. Tarun Gogoi has no special quality to adore. He did not work for the State and for the interest of the Assamese people. Even he did not try to address any of the serious issues that plagued the State. The achievements in his last tenures are, he harbored Bangladeshis and allowed them to spread their wings throughout Assam, he allowed all his colleagues, bureaucrats, officials, contractors, engineers etc to loot the exchequer, he made his brother and son MPs. Besides those he did absolutely nothing. He indeed, drags the state to the brink of disaster.

My hunch says that Tarun Gogoi would again come to power in 2016 if we are to believe the power of stars. Many fortune tellers often say that his stars are very strong! And because of that the parties like the BJP and the AGP are behaving irresponsibly among them when there has been less than a month for the election. Tarun Gogoi's stars might have influenced BJP to make two major mistakes in the run up to the election. First by embracing nine (9) disgruntle elements of the Congress to their fold and second by aligning with AGP in the last moment. Now, BJP is fighting with BJP. AGP is fighting with AGP. The people of Assam got really confused whom to vote? Who will work for the development of the people and the state? In such a chaotic situation the Congress may come to power again! Then, we would have no option but to leave the future of Assam in the hands of Almighty only!

Prafulla Dowarah,


Are they above law?

Recently DSP Anjan Bora was very rightly suspended from his duty because of his commul remarks targeting a particular community of the state. Such irresponsible comments from people holding high desigtion should be condemned by all because it may lead to commul tensions among the masses. But what about our politicians who without any fear for law or the constitution continues to brazenly utter such statements almost regularly? Very recently AIUDF founder Maula Badruddin Ajmal in an election rally in one of the constituencies of Barpeta district uttered similar provocative commul speech in full view of the public but no action has been taken against him till now. Merely condemning him in media by few organizations and burning his effigies on roads will not deter such sort of politicians from repeating the same story. Again on March 14, Barpeta MP Sirajuddin Ajmal (AIUDF) was seen inciting his supporters to fight against the supporters of BJP and AGP for which he is ready to pay a certain amount of compensation for those wounded and killed. Are our politicians above the law? Now it is upto the right thinking electorates to think, decide and act.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,

Ambari, Guwahati-1.

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