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Who are Genuine Indians?

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  2 Aug 2017 12:00 AM GMT

In all countries suffering from large-scale illegal immigration there are politicians who wake up much too late to pretend that they or their political parties had nothing to do with such illegal immigration or its consequences. The Asom Ga Parishad (AGP) is no exception. While conceding that the Congress which has been in power in Assam for the longest time is mainly responsible for the large-scale illegal immigration from Bangladesh into the State, there is no denying that the AGP that also had two stints of five years each in power did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation even though the party’s very genesis was related to the six-year-long Assam Movement against the presence of millions of illegal migrants from Bangladesh and their progeny. What really opened the eyes of the people to the political double-talk of the AGP was the way the party conducted itself vis-à-vis the illegal migrants during its two terms in office. That was the worst betrayal of the people of Assam—much worse than what the Congress, not enjoying the trust of the people, had done to the State and its people during its extended rule of the State. The AGP keeps forgetting that the people of Assam had rejected the Congress and voted for the AGP in the hope that it would be very different from the Congress at least in its assessment of the large-scale illegal immigration from Bangladesh. What was expected did not happen. If anything, the AGP turned out to be even worse than the Congress in handling the illegal migrants problem. What seems to have surfaced is the AGP’s total ibility even to approach the problem, leave alone its ability to solve it. Given this scerio, there is hardly anything surprising in BJP MLA Atul Bora’s apprehension that Bangladeshi workers are teeming in Guwahati. He must reckon with the fact that lakhs of the Bangladeshis he refers to were born in India of Bangladeshi parents and will now claim Indian citizenship by birth. How does his party or the AGP plan to deal with this? Can the BJP or the AGP deal effectively with the claim to Indian citizenship that will be made by millions of Bangladeshis born in Assam?

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