‘Ailments and medical conditions a confidential individual right’ Says Amitabh Bachchan

‘Ailments and medical conditions a confidential individual right’ Says Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan, who was discharged from hospital on Friday night, took to his blog to express displeasure about the media’s rampantly speculative reporting over his ailment these past few days. He said that medical conditions were the confidential right of an individual, and hence should not be commercialised.

Big B’s blog entry was in reaction to what he said was unsubstantiated reporting by a large section of the media about his health condition, ever since he was admitted to Mumbai’s Nanavati hospital earlier this week. “Do NOT break the CODE of professional documentation.. ailments and medical conditions are a confidential individual right..its exploitation, and its attempted commerce are a social illegality..respect and give required understanding to this..all is not in the world of sale. “This world this universe of today the most recorded and vision documented era shall ever be remembered by the cataloging of all that transpires within and without .. the act is lauded and given applause..but.. “..in the presence of such a vast record among the billions..about which shall be filed for posterity as the truth..as that of fact..it shall never be known, for there shall be a billion versions opinions and thoughts for debate.. “..the false and the fake once exposed to this vast universe remains the ultimate truth .. try as you may as much as you may, that is what lingers and postulates itself as the finest record..a pity really, for eventually, the compromise on this factor is ever debatable..and often not in favour of them that postulate..”

In his blog post, the megastar also expressed his gratitude to fans for their love and prayers. He wrote: “Prayers concern and the love of them that stand by you, are elements of immense construct.. they believe so you believe..they present folded appeal, and the reciprocation be of equal strength.. they are real.. they are constant.. they are the energy often questioned.” “My love.. and my gratitude for all.. for all that consider care, that consider concern and consider prayer for me..” (IANS)

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