Amitabh Bachchan shares sweet memories of Christmas days

Amitabh Bachchan shares sweet memories of Christmas days

Christmas day saw Amitabh Bachchan turn nostalgic. He trekked down memory lane to recall how he used to celebrate the festival during his growing-up years in Allahabad (now known as Prayagraj), and also during his days in Calcutta (Kolkata), a city where he started out in life and holds very close to his heart.

In the early hours of Wednesday, Big B took to his blog to wish a Merry Christmas to fans and also reminisced how he used to celebrate Christmas along with his family and neighbours in Allahabad (Prayagraj) when he was a child.

“Christmas and the days of celebration were always within us from early times, right from the days of Allahabad .. our neighbours Rev Paul Das and his family lived opposite us from 17, Clive Road .. they were at 18 Clive Road .. and their children our group of friends - Shunila, Naresh, Malti .. Naresh was the one who suggested to my parents about Sherwood and then when he invited Principal Rev RC Llewelyn to visit us in Allahabad, the matter was firmly resolved .. we went to Sherwood,” he wrote.

The veteran actor has recalled how all of them would sing carols and listen to “Silent Night” together, while his mother made coffee for everyone. The actor has also shared memories of gifts he received, and how Christmas was never complete without cakes.

“Christmas time was carol singing with the group that came over past midnight and Maa making the finest coffee for them in the cold, as we listened to the lilting ‘Silent Night’.. there were little gifts that we looked out for form the Paul Das’s under their Christmas tree .. little trinkets, miniature cars and the like .. there was so much satisfaction on getting a pencil box.. a rubber a ruler.. the special Christmas cake made by Mrs Paul Das was a delight .. Shunila played the piano for us as we sang Hymns.. it was such a divine moment..” recollected Big B.

The veteran actor has also expressed the pain he felt when a childhood friend passed away, and meeting his sister after almost 40 years in San Francisco.

Then came his stint of staying in the City of Joy. Kolkata (then Calcutta) was here he landed his first job in the sixties. Kolkata’s Christmas is absolutely magical, and Bachchan recalls every bit of that magnificent experience.

“BUT the true independent spirit of Christmas and New Year was celebrated in Calcutta, then.. during the time of my first job.. 1962 - 1968.. AHHH.. those were the days my friend.. freedom and cheer and the liberty of living on our own.. the group the company the various homes of friends the restaurants and the celebrations on Park Street.. which I must add still looks and dresses up for the occasion,” he wrote. (IANS)

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