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Bigg Boss 12: Romil Wins Immunity while Salman Khan Takes Charge

Bigg Boss 12: Romil Wins Immunity while Salman Khan Takes Charge

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  12 Nov 2018 10:55 AM GMT

It is said that sensible deeds never go wasted, and thus Romil’s gesture once he sacrificed to envision his family video and let Somi watch hers, was appreciated. He was paid back with a pleasant surprise by host Salman Khan this Weekend Ka Vaar. Preity Zinta’s charismatic entry in the Bigg Boss 12 house brought a lot of cheer and happiness to the contestants. Preity declared a fun task where the contestants were divided into two teams and were asked to present a acting enacting a romantic flick in the Bigg Boss 12 house. The winner of this task would have an advantage in the next week’s nominations. The advantage was like a blessing in disguise as it might modification the whole game for the comming week.

Jasleen, Megha, Dipika, Srishty and Rohit were in one team, and Deepak, Romil, Somi, Sreesanth and Surbhi were in the other. Karanvir wasn't allowed to participate as he was the captain of the house. Both the groups gave their best to win the task and Preity declared Romil’s team, or the Happy Club, as the winner as she found their topic more relevant in current context.

Further, the members of the winning team, Sreesanth, Surbhi, Romil, Deepak and Somi, get an opportunity to fight it out amongst themselves to get immunity. As a part of the task they have to bid for a medallion. Their bidding price are going to be deducted from their final prize money So while they will get a chance to stay in the house, they will lose prize money. Romil bids the highest amount of five lakh rupees and wins the immunity medallion. Karanvir, who is the captain of the house as of now, hands him over the medallion.

It was an out-and-out Romil’s day as Salman, impressed with Romil’s act of kindness for Somi, decided to show him a video of his eight-month-old son. He was unaware of another huge surprise that was waiting for him in the confession room. His wife and son made a special visit to see him. On a special request, Bigg Boss allowed him to make his son meet the other contestants, who were overjoyed playing with the tiny tot.

Earlier, Salman decided to play the role of Bigg Boss for the day and gave the contestants far-out tasks that elated their mood. He made them do slow-mo dance on his popular song, 'Baby ko Bass Pasand Hai', replicate the Naagin dance and made Somi wax Deepak’s hand among other fun activities. To add to the drama, he asked Jasleen to give up all her make-up and put it in the storeroom, leaving her in stress. It turned out that he was just joking with her.

Then Salman took the audience to Deepak's village in Bihar through an audio-visual clip. The villagers talk about how proud they're of the contestant. Salman connected to his house, where the whole village is seated. He interacted with Deepak’s mother and sister. Salman went back into the house and assured Deepak that his family was looking him and now, there's electricity in his village.

Next up is that the Sultani Akhaada, wherever Sreesanth and Karanvir ar set to battle it out. First is that the 'Zubaani Dangal'round, where Karanvir accuses Sreesanth of not being trustworthy, which the latter counters by saying that he was trustworthy enough to be a part of international cricket and instead taunts Karanvir for not being capable enough to win captainship by himself. Sreesanth wins the first round and gets support from all the contestants, except Srishty. Next up are the 2 rounds of kushti (wrestling), that Sreesanth wins once more.

Salman then declared that everyone, together with all the four members of the Happy Club are safe from evictions as it is the Diwali week. Everyone was very happy. Next up was the kaalkothri ki sazaa. Bigg Boss entrusted Karanvir to nominate three contestants to be locked up in the jail on the basis of the events of the last few days. He nominated Sreesanth, who threw a fit and walked off, telling Bigg Boss that he wouldn't go to jail.

Karanvir then nominated Rohit and Deepak. Even other contestants like Dipika and Srishty were not in favour of Sreesanth going to jail. They told Karanvir that his decision was wrong. Sreesanth, who so far has been arguing with Karanvir that others had flouted many rules, suddenly had a change of heart and went into the jail with a good mood, followed by Rohit and Deepak.

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