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Bigg Boss 12: Will Salman Khan Throw Shivashish Mishra Out of The House ?

Bigg Boss 12: Will Salman Khan Throw Shivashish Mishra Out of The House ?

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  17 Nov 2018 7:43 AM GMT

This season of Bigg Boss 12 took an awfully serious flip when Shivashish Mishra refused to obey the rules of the house and was suspect of breach of contract. In the preview, Weekend Ka Vaar host Salman Khan is seen exclusion Shivashish for not following the command of the house captain.

Bigg Boss had granted captain Romil Chaudhary the right to decide on the contenders of the kalkothri (jail). He was given 3 tickets for the purpose that was to be used to send one contestant to jail on each gong. He sent Megha Dhade to jail on account of insulting Deepak Thakur and exploitation inappropriate words. The second name for the kalkothri was Shivashish. He refused to simply accept the accusations levied against him and flung the jail ticket in the air whereas clearly refusing to simply accept the decision of the captain. Despite waiting for 2 hours and threatening him with dire consequences, Romil failed to send him to the jail. As a result, Bigg Boss canceled the kalkothri task altogether and nominated all the contestants except Romil for next week’s evictions.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1063303257424969728&ref_url=

Since Sreesanth had perpetually supported Shivashish throughout the whole episode, the contestants blamed both of them for earning the wrath of the Bigg Boss. Somi Khan told Sreesanth that he will be responsible for the elimination of a contestant next week. Soon after, Shivashish apologized to the contestants for disrespecting the show, however vainly. He was later seen sorrowful in isolation for being suspect of being self-absorbed and showing the power of money in the house.

It is to be noted, Surbhi Rana was upset for being considered as one of the contenders for the kalkothri. She lost her cool and created a tumult in the house by breaking all the house rules in rage. She demanded a jail term for herself and offered to travel to the kalkothri in place of Shivashish. Romil, however, refused to alter his call. The widening rift between the Happy Club members is clear because the two show no signs of reconciliation.

The high-frequency drama was later followed by the introduction of the luxury budget task. The contestants were divided into two groups. While Romil had to represent one team, Rohit Suchanti was chosen from the other. The two players had to cross four obstacles in minimum time whereas collection the slates of their favorite luxury things so as to win the task. Since Romil completed the task in minimum time, he was declared the winner and was given the right to the luxurious budget at the side of his team including Surbhi, Somi, Deepak, Srishty Rode, and Karanvir Bohra.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1063469604876410880&ref_url=^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1063393974826622978&ref_url=

Before the major showdown, Rohit had hidden a sweet apology note for Srishty under her pillow cover. The two patched up as Rohit won her heart by writing a note in nail paint on a tissue paper.

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