Ankur Tewari releases track 'Dhuaan Dhuaan' on air pollution

Ankur Tewari releases track 'Dhuaan Dhuaan' on air pollution

Composer-singer Ankur Tewari on Thursday released a new single titled “Dhuaan dhuaan”, aimed at raising awareness about the growing environmental crisis.

The track focuses on the increasing Delhi air pollution and the decline in the air quality in India and globally, with meaningful lyrics.

Talking about the track, Ankur Tewari said: “India’s pollution-related statistics are extremely alarming. From large metros to small cities, the air we breathe and the water we drink are all contaminated. ‘Dhuaan Dhuaan’ is aimed at drawing attention to the human impact of this critical crisis.

“The approach is like a love song in the time of a climate emergency. The song encourages listeners to question their choices and consider the type of world they want to live in. Hopefully, we choose one in which the love that has inspired so many songs, films and life experiences, extends to the planet we call home. We only have one.” The song is available on JioSaavn. (IANS)

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