Facts About Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri Khan Which You Didn't Know

Facts About Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri Khan Which You Didn't Know

Did you know, once a young Gauri flew to Mumbai without informing Shah Rukh Khan about her whereabouts? The much in love Shah Rukh Khan then decided to catch a train and look out for the love of his life. With just Rs 10,000 in his pockets, he came to Mumbai, slept on railway station benches and streets and searched for Gauri Khan, until he found her on the Gorai beach. That was the moment, which the two have preserved in their hearts as that was when they realized how much love they carry for each other. However this is often not the beginning of their romance, but let 's take a route back to where their love started budding...

In an year 2007, Anupama Chopra published a book King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and also the Seductive World of Indian Cinema, where she mentioned some details about King Khan's love life and in line with the book, Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan's initial date happened on Oct 25, 1984, in Panchsheel Club where the 2 Sabbatum sipping Colas and lasted only for 5 minutes!

Later as their romance blossomed, Gauri, who was 14 and Shah Rukh, who was 19, started meeting in JNU campus, where he taught him a way to drive and make history notes for her. But, it was not all beds of roses for the couple as SRK became over possessive for and started controlling her life way too much. He would ask her to not consult with other boys or keep her hair open. The frustrated Gauri, then flew to Mumbai to have her own space and that is when SRK followed her and finally found her!

Post their Mumbai reunion, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri decided to take a plunge and convinced Gauri's family. It was laborious for them however eventually, things fell in place and the two tied a knot on Oct 25, 1991.

On his wedding day, SRK wore a suit which he borrowed from the costume department Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. a conventional court marriage was followed by a Hindu ceremony and it was Shah Rukh, who danced at his wedding the most.

Even when Shah Rukh was a struggling actor in B-Town, his priority was always his lovely wife Gauri. Even within the book, Anupama Chopra mentioned SRK's stardust interview where SRK gave a statement within the book, Anupama Chopra mentioned a stardust article from the year 1992, where Shah Rukh had given this statement—

"My wife comes first. And I can tell you this much that if ever I am asked to make a choice between my career and Gauri, I'll leave films...I mean I would go insane but for her. She's the only thing I have...I love her body. I am hooked to her.

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