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'Freedom Is Not A Blank Cheque' Says Prasoon Joshi

Freedom Is Not A Blank Cheque Says Prasoon Joshi

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In the long run, every true artist recognises that life trumps art, and is therefore sensitive to both oneself as well as the faintest murmurs in society, says lyricist and chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), Prasoon Joshi. "Freedom is not a blank cheque; it comes with a fair barter of responsibility... He or she (artist) knows that they are not more important than humanity. Inks would dry and brushes would stiffen in the face of one genuine teardrop or a mute cry of pain," Joshi, who was awarded Padma Shri in 2015, remarks in his new book "Thinking Aloud: Reflections on Emerging India".

In the book published by Rupa, he says that he shares an old, intimate relationship with thoughts, words and ideas.

"Art and creativity is what I stand by and always will. I believe that the freedom to create and express is linked to the very grain of human existence," he says.

Joshi, who was castigated by fringe groups for giving the green light for the release of "Padmaavat", maintains that the emergence of fringe groups is not solely because of the "politics of power".

"Infuriated and saddened as I was at the violent protest against this movie, it's dishonest to not to see the complete picture," he says, before noting that the entire world is going through a period of change when technology has linked the world in an unprecedented manner.

He says that there are multiple platforms available for different voices.

"Those who see this as a problem are essentially the ones who believed that these platforms were exclusive, and so, kept these tools and platforms under control, mastering the codes and lexicon, and forgetting that there are others in the society, whose point of view, the moniker of fringe or lumpen elements is often applied to contrarian voices," he adds in the 205-page book. (IANS)

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