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Gaurav Chopra Feels Television Is Actress' Medium

Gaurav Chopra Feels Television Is Actress Medium

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Actor Gaurav Chopra says the television medium all over the world is ruled by women. Indian channels air many shows with the cast led by women. Asked if TV is an actress' medium, Gaurav said, "Television... all over the world. There is a very simple reason for that. They (the makers) see that the women audience has a stronger part. Hence, they make women the protagonist.

"A lot of times it's a little lopsided in terms of creative and emotional balance, but then it is just business. Everyone wants to make money and successful shows," added the "Left Right Left" actor.

The "typical regressive family drama" show is something that he doesn't want to get into.

"I have always stayed away from that and tried to do different shows. Even in a show like 'Uttaran', my track was not a regular one. The joke on the set was that Batman is here because my character was the guy who would suddenly come and solve all the problems," said Gaurav Chopra.

The audience will soon see him play the lead role in Zee TV's upcoming show "Aghori". It promises to do away with all the stereotypes surrounding love and happy endings and present a love story set against the backdrop of the Aghori world.

"When you are in the central position, then you are in a position to showcase yourself a lot better," he said. This is his first TV show after a gap of over two years.

"I have been focussing on the digital platform for about two and a half years. I did one theatre production and four web series," said the "Love Lust and Confusion" actor. As for taking a break from television, it wasn't a deliberate one.

"What I was being offered didn't excite me much. They were a rehash of what I had already done. In fact, that is why they were calling me. Digital, on the other hand, kept on offering me interesting stuff and very diverse.

"In 'Love Lust and Confusion', which has a romantic story, I played a poet and philosopher. Just when I was doing that, I shot for another show 'Marry Me, Stranger', a thriller, in which my role was similar to that of a (lead) character from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' — Two men who are diametrically opposite. That's what an actor is looking for," Gaurav Chopra added. (IANS)

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