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Hellbound Review: Netflix New Korean Series with Supernatural Concept

The upcoming Korean Series Hellbound directed by Yeon Sang-ho is another Korean series to be streaming on Netflix. Know about the cast, release date and story of the upcoming series:

Hellbound Review: Netflix New Korean Series with Supernatural Concept

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Hellbound is going to be another South Korean series on Netflix after Squid Game. The series Hellbound is directed by Yeon Sang-ho with horrifying scenes and supernatural concepts. It is decided to have six episodes in the first season of Hellbound and there is no confirmation of more seasons to continue but the premise suggests more. The IMDb rating of the television series Hellbound is 6.5/10. Read the digital comic depiction through WEBTOONS.

The series director Yeon Sang-ho was also the director of the famous thriller and the most horrifying movie of 2016 "Train to Busan". The official trailer of the series was released on Tuesday, 26 October which has already gained much popularity with its intriguing plot and interesting execution. It shows the theories related to Hell, Heaven, and divinity along with supernatural characters on earth bringing judgments.




The scheduled date for the premiere of the Hellbound series on Netflix is 19 November 2021. In the Toronto International Film Festival, 2021 held on 9 September, the series already had its world premiere.


• Yoo Ah-in as main character Jung Jin Su (Creates new religion called New Truth Society)

• Park Jeong-min appears as Bae Young-jae, a producer at a broadcasting station

• Kim Hyun-joo plays the role of Min Hye-jin, an attorney

• Won Jin-ah plays as Hong Ji-yeong wofe of Bae Young-jae and a member of the New Truth Church

• Yang Ik-june as Jin Gyeong-hun, a police detective investigating the supernatural creatures

Kim Do-yoon, Kim Shin-rok, Ryu Kyung-soo, Lee Re, and Im Hyeong-guk appear as supporting cast in the series.


The story of Hellbound shows the leader of the New Truth Society and its society as the most essential and mysterious elements throughout the series. Jung Jin Su forms a gathering and teaches about the appearance of angels signifying divine power. Bae Young-jae watches over the new religious movement and starts his search to find out the real fact about its existence. Min Hye-jin as an attorney stands totally against the New Truth group. One of the detectives Jin Gyeong hun tried to find the reason behind the sudden appearance of the supernatural characters from Hell.

Ultimately the series shows an interconnection between two mysteries one associated with the earth as the New Truth movement which plans sins and the other as Executors of Hell with supernatural powers. But both aim to destroy mankind causing destruction and chaos all over the world.

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