How Robbie Williams’ near-death experience changed him

How Robbie Williams’ near-death experience changed him

Singer Robbie Williams says it took nearly dying to change the way he lives. The former Take That star “knows how lucky I am” after a health scare left him close to death in 2017. Williams became seriously ill while backstage at a stadium gig in Zurich and spent seven days in intensive care after doctors discovered “abnormalities” on his brain, reports

He said: “I’ve refocused my life and all the extremities in it. It’s probably why I am on such good form today. It takes nearly dying for someone like me to change the way they live.

“I’ve always thought I was protected and I’ve gone out of my way to test that hypothesis. Like a cat, I’ve had a billion lives. But this was the closest and scariest. I also had this f***ed up feeling that I was immortal. But all is okay with my brain now.”

Robbie Williams, who has been sober for 19 years, is no longer tempted by drink or drugs. He said: “I thought weed being legalised and available in LA might be a problem but so far so good. The weed there is so insanely strong. It’s so debilitating and I am far too sensitive. So today I will go to bed and I won’t have had any drink or drugs, apart from Nicorette gum.

“If I did, I’d be less of a dad, less of a partner, less of a pop star and less of a friend. But I have a rawness that rubs up against the world and so there have been times I wanted to take that pain away. So far so good. Boxing and golf are my addictions now.” (IANS)

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