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'My film explores the indigenous people of North East' Says Manju Borah

My film explores the indigenous people of North East Says Manju Borah

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Under the Indian Panorama section, IFFI screened the national award winning movie The Land of Poison Women, directed by Manju Borah in Pangchenpa language and Hindi movie Bahattar Hoorain helmed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan.

National Award winner Borah, said, "I am very proud my film has been selected in the Indian panorama section at the golden jubilee year of IFFI. Through my films, I have been exploring the indigenous people of North East, their political status, their struggles for their own existence. Northeast has people with around 120 different dialects. I feel India can't be complete without all these dialects.", she was speaking at a press conference held at IFFI in Panaji, Goa.

Shedding light on these remote locations, she said, "People aren't aware of the location where I shot my film. It is at the India-China border. There are less than 5000 people from a community living there. I truly believe that if one visits that place, one would feel nature is so vast and beautiful." Shooting this film was physically and financially exhausting for the crew. The Indian Army had to help 'my crew while they were stuck in the middle of the shoot due to heavy snow,' she added.

The directors along with producer Gulab Singh Tanwar of Bahattar Hoorain also spoke about their film at the press conference.

Talking about Bahattar Hoorain, director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan said, "It is about two people, who are in search of 72 virgins in their after lives. I thank my producer to back such an unconventional subject. I wanted to make a movie like Bahattar Hoorain in the initial phase of my career as director as making movies on such bold and unconventional subject becomes difficult as one settles in career. Though My earlier movie Lahore was banned in Pakistan, I still plan to market this movie in Pakistan, Gulf, basically every country that is victim of terrorism. Since movie uses lot of VFX shots, the post production took quite some time, he added. (PIB)

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