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Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o accused of being rude to fans

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyongo accused of being rude to fans

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Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o has recently been accused of rude behaviour with fans. One person detailed the not-so-nice experience with Nyong'o, reports

Recalling the time when the person attended an early release party for "Black Panther", the user said: "I was the 4 person to greet Lupita and tell her how much I appreciate her and how amazing she is. She didn't say anything back. After posing for a pic, she rolled her eyes."

Furthermore, the user claimed to have overheard Nyong'o complaining about her fans. The star reportedly said that she "didn't want to be there and that she didn't care to take pictures. Rolling her eyes, sighing."

The person added: "She seemed so miserable at the event. This was the day before the nationwide release so I was like why?? would prefer her to not come and just relax at home."

This prompted other users to come out and say that they had experienced similar behaviour. Someone who claimed to be an extra in "Black Panther" said that the actress "was hella rude on set".

One other person wrote: "My friend was invited to a broadway play that starred Lupita & the actress who invited my friend. My friend went backstage and everyone left from the same back door. Lupita was apparently very rude to the fans who were back there waiting on the cast." (IANS)

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