Raksha Bandhan: 3 Television Rakhi ads that depict the brother-sister bond in a new light

Raksha Bandhan: 3 Television Rakhi ads that depict the brother-sister bond in a new light

Raksha Bandhan ads have been used by brands across different sectors. The ads have proven to be massive hits and have stayed in the viewer's memory for a long long time.

Raksha Bandhan is here again and the relationship that is least discussed, but probably is the strongest bond, is being celebrated. It is one of those rarest occasions that celebrate the sweet bond that exists between a brother and sister.

Siblings are probably the cutest gift one could ever ask for. Growing up together, the cute fights, the joy of seeing each other take life steps, the sadness that grips one when the other is sick; the emotional attachment that a brother and sister share cannot be put to words.

Raksha Bandhan has its roots in the Mahabharata. According to Bhavishya Purana, in the war between Gods and demons, Indra – the deity of the sky, rains, and thunderbolts – was disgraced by the powerful demon King Bali. Indra’s wife Sachi consulted Vishnu, who gave her a bracelet made of cotton thread, calling it holy. Sachi tied the holy thread around Indra wrist, blessed with her prayers for his well being and success. Indra successfully defeated the Bali and recovered Amaravati. This story inspired the protective power of holy thread.

Celebrated on the last day of the Hindu Lunar Calendar, Raksha Bandhan is probably the only Hindu festival besides Bhai Dooj that celebrates the brother-sister bond.

The traditional norm of celebrating Raksha Bandhan has been one in which the sister ties a "Rakhi" on her brother's wrist and he vows to protect her as long as he is alive.

The Changing trends of Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

With times the celebration pattern of Raksha Bandhan also changed. Gone are those days when it was only a holy thread which the sister tied on his brother's wrist and he made a promise to ensure her protection.

The "protection" did not remain limited to a vow, but what the sister expected in return of the rakhi is a tangible gift, which she can cherish, and Indian brands, be it chocolates or mobile phones or insurance, capitalized on this gift exchange trends through advertisement campaigns.

However, with changing times, the ad industry has also evolved in accordance with changing demands and perception of the audience and has come up with creative campaigns that play on the emotional quotient of the viewers, rather than making it look commercialized. A paradigm shift from hard sales to creating a long-lasting relationship with the viewers is what the ads attempt to attain. The tried and tested Raksha Bandhan commercials featuring traditionally dressed brothers and sisters doing the act of tying a Rakhi and getting a gift of this or that product have given in to creative campaigns by the Indian ad industry that aims to highlight the "Raksha" more than the "gift". The "Raksha" too has been redefined giving it a meaning contemporary to the present day perceptions.

Here we list a few Raksha Bandhan Television ads by brands in recent times that attempt to engage users through effective storytelling (Brand Communication....Bang On!!!)

Gits Food

"For the times I sleep peacefully knowing that you are awake. For the times you make sure I have no unwanted visitors. For the times you serve me with a smile, even on a crappy day. #ThankYouBhaiya". Gits Foods digital campaign for Raksha Bandhan featuring Sasural Simar Ka famed Neetha Shetty is a thanksgiving to all the "bhaiyas" in a modern woman's day-to-day life, who are not related to her by blood, but by unsaid bonds of protection, well-being and security.


Future Generali

The insurance major takes an unconventional take on the protector-protected trend wherein the brother ties the Rakhi on his elder sister's wrist as it was she who had protected her since childhood. A commendable attempt to promote gender equality on Raksha Bandhan, the ad has been lauded by viewers.



The meaning of Raksha Bandhan is not only to ensure the protection of a sister by her brother, but also to support her personally and respect her professional commitments. Consumer product and engineering service providers Honeywell's digital ad showcases just that. The surprising twist at the end of the film is sure to instill a sense of pride and generosity in every woman who has a supporting brother who respects her professional commitments.


Raksha Bandhan celebrations are on, and if you are lucky to have a brother or sister, do not miss out on this opportunity to express your gratitude and love towards him or her. We seldom say "I Love You" to our bro or sis, but today should not be no different. Take some time out, say how much you love your brother, gift your sister her favorite chocolates, try to know about each other's academics or professional life, and above all, immerse yourself in the celebration of the sweetest bond on earth.

Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!

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