Ranu Mondal trolled for misbehaving; Fans defend Singer

Ranu Mondal trolled for misbehaving; Fans defend Singer

Internet singing sensation Ranu Mondal invited the trolls and memes after she was seen misbehaving with a fan in a viral video.

In the video, Ranu is seen standing in a shop when a female fan suddenly taps her shoulder from the back, requesting her for a selfie.

Ranu turns around and taps her back asking, “What does this mean? Iska Matlab kya hai?”

The gesture did not go down well with many social media users. Irked by the singer’s behavior, they have started sharing memes and trolls taking a dig at the singer.

A user tweeted: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use it to change the world. It’s all about an educated person. An educated person knows the value of fans and fame.”

Another tweet reads: “After seeing the arrogance of this 2-month-old celebrity, the respect for the likes of Rahul Dravid is increased by 2 more levels for staying grounded through his entire career and even today !! #RanuMondal.”

Another user shared: “When she was not famous she allowed a stranger to record her video but now when she is famous she doesn’t even let anyone take a selfie with her. #RanuMondal”.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #RanuMondal started trending on Twitter since Wednesday morning. However, some of her fans have come out in support of her.

A fan tweeted: “So, you aren’t supposed to have personal space if you are newly famous? I’d be throwing hands too if someone tapped me like that. Let her be. “Fans” need to learn some manners instead. #RanuMondal #indiantwittersucks.”

Another fan posted: “To be honest, Indians do not respect personal space. Yet you see the arrogance of people who call her arrogant, for expressing her displeasure. Its the elite & entitled attitude that being poor means should have no self-respect & personal space. Get over folks. #RanuMondal.” (IANS)

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