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Shocking Revelation From Avengers Endgame Theory Says Avengers Caused The Decimation

Shocking Revelation From Avengers Endgame Theory Says Avengers Caused The Decimation

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 March 2019 10:38 AM GMT

As we are close to the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, fan theories are getting a lot of ludicrous by the day. A new one shared on Reddit suggests that when half of the universe’s population was turned to dirt in Avengers: Infinity War, it wasn’t caused by Thanos but by the Avengers themselves.

Shared by u/Knight3rrant, the theory says Thanos couldn’t even get around to killing anyone along with his snap as half the universe was already teleported to an alternate universe. To substantiate it, the intellectual talks concerning the post-credit scene at the top of Infinity War. In it, we tend to see Maria Hill and Nick Fury driving in their car after they learn that Thanos’ fleet of spaceships has entered airspace over Wakanda. Within a few minutes of learning that, both Maria and Nick are seen disintegrating into ashes.

Surely, the battle in Wakanda was more than a few minutes long. The alien breach the wall, the rollers are unleashed, Thor enters the battlefield and Thanos plucks the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head. There's no means all that happened within the same time-frame.

Therefore, could it be that the Avengers had planned for the worst already and had decided to send half the universe’s population which they knew would be the one to bite the dirt just in case the destruction will happen to another universe? Is that why Maria and Nick are disintegrated much before the rest of them? Because of it's happening one by one?

However, another very simple explanation could be that Maria and Nick just received the communication very late. By the time they learned about the breach, it was already time to say goodbye. The Redditor is quite sure of it though...

“I am certain that we will find out two things about what we saw in Infinity War revealed in Endgame:

That the snap ‘fizzled’ and largely destroyed the Infinity Gauntlet within the process attributable to what the Avengers will- do in Endgame and also the ‘dusting’ was the visible impact of what the Avengers will-did do to manoeuvre all of these individuals ‘out of our reality’ to protect them or accomplish some similar goal. Undoubtedly having something to do with the Quantum realm.” Does one get this theory? Could Marvel have bamboozled us all? We will find it all out when Avengers: Endgame releases on April 26.

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