The story behind the most popular line "How's the Josh" ? - Read here

The story behind the most popular line "How's the Josh" ? - Read here

Aditya Dhar directed movie on Indian Army’s 2016 surgical strike, Uri: The Surgical Strike, has done amazingly well in the box office and even one of the dialogues by the protagonist of the film, ‘How’s the josh?’ is trending the most. The best part is that the dialogue has taken Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers back to their childhood memories. The film features Vicky Kaushal in the lead role.

The director of the film, recalled the story behind the popular dialogue in this way, “I had some friends from Defence background, so with them I used to go to a lot of Army clubs. There was one in Delhi where we used to go for Christmas or New Year parties. There used to be a retired Brigadier who would line up all the kids in front of him and have a chocolate in his hand.

“He would say ‘How’s the josh?’ and we were to respond with ‘high sir!’ The kid who was the loudest got the chocolate. Being a foodie, I used to be the loudest and always got the chocolate.”

Well, such amazing memories behind the making of the famous dialogue and immediately making a space in the hearts of people of the country are amazing and praiseworthy.

However, the director too was unaware that the dialogue will become such an overnight hit. He added, “I have heard very few Army people use the phrase. It is not something which is used extensively. What I did was I used the line in the right way in the film and now it has taken off to another level.”

Being a first-time filmmaker, such a blockbuster movie from the director was unexpected but is magical at the same time. Hence, the response received for the movie is being termed as “magical, beautiful” by Aditya.

In fact, why only for the director, the film turns out to be a turning point for the lead actor in the movie Vicky Kaushal as well who is at the beginning of his career as a hero

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