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Artistes want peaceful protest against Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019

Citizenship Amendment Act


GUWAHATI: The protest against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) turning violent is a cause of concern as the city witnessed many untoward incidents on Thursday. The artistes of the state have now called everyone to ensure peaceful protest in order to receive fruitful results.

Being gathered in the Assam Engineering Institute’s playground on Friday to participate in the mass hunger strike called by All Assam Students’ Union (AASU), the renowned artistes of the State appealed to everyone for a peaceful democratic protest.

Noted actor Ravi Sarma said, “I appeal to our people to maintain peace and to protest in a democratic way which will enable us to continue our protest till we get the fruitful result. Otherwise, the government will get a chance to oppress us. We’ve succeed in showing our unity yesterday, as we gathered in Latasil field even after the curfew was clamped. It has proved that the government has failed. What they’ve done with media persons is really shameful. We’ll never allow politics in the name of religion. Artistes have no discrimination as Hindu or Muslims. We only know the foreigners, neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. We don’t hate the Bengali language, but we love our Assamese language the most.”

Singer Zublee Baruah said, “We’re coming in not just as artistes but as Assamese as well. Every Assamese has come out because all of them a fire burning in their heart. We appeal to everyone to protest peacefully and not to destroy the public property. We must keep it in mind that the property being destroyed is not government’s property, but ours. We’ve to proceed with sense by not losing control over our emotion so that we can continue our protest until the CAA is scrapped. The fire in our heart should keep on burning.”

Singer Sudakshina Sarma said that Assamese have to survive, as Assam belongs to the Assamese.

Actor Jatin Bora said, “I don’t accept the CAB, so I’ve resigned. I want to appeal to the government to give a rethought and sit for a discussion as we’re already witnessing a vulnerable condition with many untoward incidents.”

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