‘Coronavirus might lead to drug shortage crisis’ Says Biplab Talapatra

‘Coronavirus might lead to drug shortage crisis’ Says Biplab Talapatra


GUWAHATI: The Assam Drug Dealers Association (ADDA) on Tuesday expressed concern over the coronavirus pandemic.

ADDA treasurer Biplab Talapatra stated that there is a possibility that the world might face a shortage of drugs as 90 percent of the raw materials to make medicines are exported from China. “If this situation continues for another one month, then there might be drug shortage crisis across the globe”, he asserted.

As a preventive measure against the outbreak, the Association presented 150 masks and 150 sanitizers to the Guwahati Traffic Police personnel, through DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) Ranjan Bhuyan.

Talking about the scarcity of masks and sanitizers in the city, Talapatra said that the sudden increase in demand is the main factor behind the shortage. “The companies who manufacture these products are distributing them according to their proximity. Due to the sudden rise in demand, the vendors are also spending more money than before to get these products in the city. Thus, they are charging high prices as it is costing them extra money to order the products from other parts of the country”, Talapatra added.

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