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Guwahati Lockdown prohibitions & exemptions declared by Chief Secretary. Here's the list

Taken as a measure to slow the spread of Covid-19, Lockdown in Guwahati will come into effect at midnight on Sunday

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Guwahati: Breaking away from the Centre's mantra of 'unlock', the Assam Government has once again decided to enforce a complete lockdown across Guwahati, the largest urban agglomeration in the state and the financial capital of Northeast India.

The Government, in its attempt to flatten the COVID curve in the urban area, has decided to enforce the most stringent phase of lockdown yet. Assam Chief Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna has announced a list of prohibitions and exemptions that will come into effect from 7 pm of June 28 to 6 pm to July 28.

In his order, Mr. Sanjay Krishna said Kamrup (M) DC Biswajit Pegu has reported that there is a large scale spread of COVID-19 occurring in almost the entire district of Kamrup (M) which has posed a major threat to public health, hygiene, and safety of the general population.

"I have also been given to understand that unless stringent measures are put in place to contain the spread of the pandemic, there may be large scale spread of COVID-19 which is highly likely to cause loss of human lives", Sanjay Krishna wrote in his order.

The list of prohibitions and exceptions are as follows:

The lockdown in Guwahati has been necessitated by the reckless attitude of the city residents, Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said moments earlier at a presser. He also elaborated on how the business owners have failed to abide by the rules and regulations imposed by the state's health officials.

"This will trouble people, it will harm the interests of the business establishments. However, the Government has to take tough decisions., These decisions are painful, but with great pain and sorrow, we have to take this decision. We did not think that we would have to shift from an unlock phase to lockdown, but we had no other option", Sarma said.

Meanwhile, Assam has registered a 6,646 cases of the virus, out of which 2,601 cases are active. So far, 9 people have died due to virus-related complications.

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