Guwahati Water Supply Pipe Bursts, Leaving 1 Dead and Many Injured.

When the pipe burst, there was a tremendous water flow that damaged at least 40 homes and swept away several vehicles.
Guwahati Water Supply Pipe Bursts, Leaving 1 Dead and Many Injured.

GUWAHATI: Around 3 PM on Thursday, a pipe in the Gammon JICA water supply main line in the Guwahati neighbourhood of Kharguli ruptured. The rupture resulted in a huge quantity of water to gush out, that damaged at least 40 homes and washed away several vehicles. According to reports, the incident affected approximately 600 people, and about 30 people were hurt.

Sumitra Rabha was the only person murdered in the tragedy. She lived in one of the homes where the water surged and ruined. The injured were taken care of in the meantime by being taken to the local hospitals. The area has been closed off by the police, who are also looking into what caused the rupture.

The water supply would be quickly restored, according to the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA). However, those who were impacted by the tragedy have expressed their outrage and unhappiness. For the harm done to their property, they have claimed reimbursement from the GMDA.

The event has brought up the topic of Guwahati's below par infrastructure once more. The city has been dealing with numerous issues as a result of the poor quality roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. To avoid similar incidents in the future, the government must take action to raise the caliber of the city's infrastructure.

A local resident said, “We just heard a huge sound and saw water falling on us like a waterfall.” The resident added that it is likely that one person has lost their life and many were injured in the incident.

However, one fatality was reported from the incident. The resident of one of the residences where the water spilled and caused damage is known as Sumitra Rabha.

In the interim, the injured were attended to by being taken to the nearby hospitals. The police, who are also investigating what caused the explosion, have cordoned off the area. People who were impacted by the catastrophe have expressed their powerlessness and asked the GMDA for compensation for damage done to their property.

The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) claims that the water supply would soon be restored. The poor quality of the roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, however, has caused Guwahati to contend with a number of problems. In order to provide future relief, the community is calling for quick action.


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