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Guwahati: Woman Attempts Suicide By Jumping Off Chandmari Flyover, Saved By Locals

Passers-by saw the woman about to jump off the Chandmari flyover in Guwahati and rushed to stop her. They immediately brought her down from the railing and informed the police.

Guwahati: Woman Attempts Suicide By Jumping Off  Chandmari Flyover, Saved By Locals

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GUWAHATI: A married woman tried to end her life by jumping off the Chandmari flyover in Assam's Guwahati but fortunately, she was saved by the locals of the area.

The woman attempted to commit suicide during the morning hours on Wednesday 27 April by jumping off the flyover located in Krishna Nagar of Guwahati.

According to reports, the passers-by saw the woman about to jump off the flyover and immediately rushed to stop her and later informed the city police.

They spotted the lady trying to cross the railing at the Chandmari flyover on Wednesday morning. The locals approached the woman and somehow managed to bring her down from the railing.

The people who save the woman took no time to call the Guwahati police control room and narrated the entire incident.

Police immediately reached the spot and interrogated the woman to find out what led her to take such an extreme decision of ending her life.

During the interrogation with police, the woman revealed that she was tired of regular fights with her husband and therefore thought to end her life.

She also told the police that her husband has been continuously harassing her for the past few days.

The woman further accused her husband of having an illegal extramarital affair with another woman and because of all this, she was left with no other option rather than to die.

Meanwhile, it is informed that the woman has been identified as Puja Das, a resident of Guwahati city.

As per reports her husband has been identified as Milan Das who is a driver working at the Chandmari Police Station.

According to the eyewitnesses of the incident, the woman was speaking unclear and confuse and it seemed like she was a victim of mental torture.

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