Senior citizens raise voice against Citizenship Amendment Act

Senior citizens raise voice against Citizenship Amendment Act

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GUWAHATI: “It’s not mysterious that we keep on saying that our protests will go a long way, but the advertisement which 16 citizens published saying that our statement is mysterious. I want to convey a particular message to the 16 citizens that the protest will be long in a nonviolent and disciplined manner till the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is scrapped. There will no protest if they can talk to the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister and scrap the Act,” said AASU (All Assam Students’ Union) adviser Samujjal Bhattacharya, while addressing the gathering at Latasil playground on Monday.

Bhattacharya said that the government is dying to get the votes of Bangladeshis and that is the reason that they are following the policy to discriminate people in the name of religion. “The government is following the policy of suppression, luring and division. We warn the government to stop these as it won’t be able to silence the voice of the public,” he added.

Senior citizens came to raise their voice against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) on Monday from different parts of the State. Along with other parts of the State the senior citizens of Guwahati too demonstrated against the Act at Latasil Playground. Retired officers, teachers and conscious citizens rent the air with anti-CAA slogans from Latasil playground.

A retired principal, Mridula Kakati Hazarika, said, “We the senior citizens are coming out today to save our motherland. I’m 71-year old. At this age I’m coming out with the thought to contribute a little from my side with others in this fight to save our land and identity. It’s unfortunate to see that golden Assam is now a history. The government has totally failed to maintain peace and harmony. Now they’re talking of giving employment to 55,000 unemployed. My question to them is – where was the government all these days, being unaware of all the problems that the public have been facing for long. Now all of a sudden they’re awake to declare schemes, grants and whatnot.”

Motiram Nath, a retired police officer, said that it’s unfortunate that the senior citizens had to raise voice against the oppressive policy of the government.

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