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Set up Sukafa University: Media Management & Research Association

Sukafa University


GUWAHATI: The Media Management & Research Association (MMRA) comes forward to save the historical land of Sivasagar after completing a research.

Addressing the press Dr. Zakirul Alam, president, Media Management and Research, claimed that a conspiracy has been hatched on the historical land that is being illegally occupied. The irony remains that they the government does not have the map of around 1,557 bigha land. He also puts forward his views on how this place has been ignored by the government for any kind of uplift. He also said that if amusement parks like Accoland can earn lakhs of rupees why the government does not take any initiative to develop this historical monuments like Kareng ghar Rang Ghar and the Maidams. He also claimed, “If not shown any negligence, the historical city will help earning a sound amount of revenue”.

In a press meet held here at Guwahati Press Club, Alam, on behalf of the association, requested the government to issue an order to respective department concerned to take all the necessary action to resolve the issues related to the Maidams and the establishment of Sukafa University as well.

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