BJP has device to cushion the blow

Anti-incumbency factor in Assam over Hindu Bangladeshis and framework agreement?

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Dec 22: With an anti-incumbency factor on Hindu Bangladeshis sweeping in the panchayat and Lok Sabha poll-bound State the BJP is going to adopt the Gujarat template to cushion the blow.   

Despite a ‘strong’ anti-incumbency factor in Gujarat, the BJP maged to retain power in the State only because the party is very strong there organizatiolly, and no power is likely to rock its foundations. The party wrested power in Himachal Pradesh, also by virtue of its strong foundations. In the backdrop of an enormous morale boosting following a couple of victories the BJP in Assam is going to hold its first-ever meeting of conveners of ‘shaktikendras’ at Khapara in Guwahati on December 24 this year. Like cells in human or animal bodies, the 6,000 ‘shaktikendras’ of the party each comprising four/five booths are considered ‘structural and functiol units’ of the Saffron party in so far as its organization is concerned. In order to make the meeting of conveners of ‘shaktikendras’ a success the party has formed a 24-member sub-committee. Besides conveners of 6,000 ‘shaktikendras’, the meeting is going to be attended by the leaders of 303 mandals and 38 district committees of the party in the State. State Chief Minister Sarbanda Sonowal, State BJP president Ranjit Kumar Dass, BJP’s tiol organizatiol general secretary Ramlal, party’s Northeast organizatiol secretary Ajay Jamwal, all party MPs of the State, all party MLAs of the State and party ministers are going to take part at the meeting. Following a few controversial issues like that of Hindu Bangladeshis, the framework agreement on the proposed galim, big dams etc., an anti-incumbency factor has started to create ripples in the State. However, in order to soften the blow, the party in Assam is going to adopt the mantra that is being followed all along in Gujarat – strengthening the party base so that no power can rock to its foundations.  Assam is likely to have panchayat poll by April 2018 and the Lok Sabha poll in 2019.

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