Citizens to protest against intolerance


GUWAHATI, Aug 10:  The scholars, writers, poets, artistes, activists and conscious citizens of the State have planned a cultural congregation and silent rally in Guwahati on Saturday against intolerance, mob violence and hate. 

Titled ‘For Our Country and For Our People’, the event will be held at 10.30 am at Lakshidhar Bora ground near Dighalipukhuri of the city.

“We are going to organize this programme to register the concerns of all right-thinking people of the State in an altertive, democratic and non-violent way. Instead of the usual modes of protest, these cultural and creative modes will be utilized so that a wider community could be sought,” said an organizer.

Ahead of the event, scholar Dr Hiren Gohain, writers Harekrish Deka, Apurba Sarma and educationist Anuradha Dutta released a statement in a press meet here. More than 100 activists and artistes have signed the statement.

"What is happening in our country? Where is it heading? In appearance everything seems alright, but things are not as they seem. As if the country is drifting away under the influence of  an invisible force.What have we seen in recent times? On the one hand there are  serious problems of  extreme unemployment,  price rise, agrarian crisis, and an unprecedented situation faced by the people working in the unorganized sector and on the other, passions are inflamed  on the food habit, apparel  and religious practices of different communities," the statemnet read.

"Their major concerns now are upholding certain religious practices of the majority community like cow protection and etc. The Hindu fatical mobs are raising these issues all over the country with the tacit support of the party in power. Already many Muslims have been lynched by these unruly youths at several places in the country for allegedly eating beef and transporting cattle illegally. The Dalits, Christians and people belonging to other minority communities have also been harassed and tortured," says the statement. 

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