'Diwali with kolgos & chokri not free from injuries'

 By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Oct 20: Beware of kolgos and chokri if you are to stay safe from burn injuries, a physician warns Diwali revelers.
Talking to this reporter, Dr Kabita Sangma of a city hospital said: “Kolgos and chokri are infamous for burn injuries during Diwali. On a rough estimate I can say that 90 per cent of burn injuries during Diwali in the city are from kolgos and chokri. They are dangerous mainly for two reasons – when get ignited normally there’s nothing to worry. However, when they fail to get ignited accidents occur often. In such cases children or other Diwali revelers normally want to get it checked as to why the cracker fails to get ignited. While doing so they get burnt when crackers burst all of a sudden. In 2010 an incident occurred when the eyes of a child came out when the child was trying to see the kolgos that failed to ignite.”
Injuries apart, kolgos and chokri, and other crackers pollute the environment, leading to diseases like pneumonia, lung infection etc. “People suffering from asthama should keep themselves away from smokes that come out when crackers get burst. When all these harmful effects are taken into consideration, every right-thinking people should say no to rampant use of crackers during Diwali or otherwise,” she said, and added: “I’m treating a large number of patients today with burn injuries, and most of them got burnt while celebrating Diwali with kolgos and chokri.”      

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