Drama festival in city from August 1

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, July 30: ‘So foul and fair a day I have not seen’ is the famous line from the famous play Macbeth, uttered by Macbeth himself  when he saw the day becoming foul due to the witches raising a storm, and fair because of his victories on the battlefield.

 The famous scenes and lines from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is all set to come to live as part of the 22nd annual 7- day drama festival from August 1- 7, being organized by tasurya and in collaboration with the Directorate of Cultural Affairs in the city.

Macbeth will be directed and designed by Ratan Thiyam and will be staged on August 7 at ITA Muchkhowa.

As part of the schedule ‘Pur Jonom loi Tejimolai’ written by Molisa Saikia will be staged at Rabindra Bhawan on August 1. The play is directed by Anupjyoti Chowdhuri. ‘Mukhamukhi’ written by Sirsendu Mukhyopadhay and directed by yan Prasad will be staged on the same day. ‘Tejimolar makor Xadhu’ written by Mridul sarma, directed by Mril Kumar Bora will be staged on August 2. ‘Tirkha’, designed and directed by Heishm Tombar, will be staged on August 3. ‘Indipiti’, directed and written by Pranjal K Saikia, will on August 4.  ‘Ahaar’, written by Padmashree Arun Sarma and directed by Pranjal Saikia will be staged on August 5. ‘Comfort Women’ written and directed by Ronhang Choudhury will be directed on August 6. The plays from August 1-6 will be staged at Rabindra Bhawan.

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