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How to make Guwahati a comfortable place to live in? - Part IV

Sentinel Digital Desk

(Continued from yesterday)

Prafulla Dowarah

(XIX) Walkingrunningcycling trackopen space: It goes without saying that healthy habits like walking, running and cycling would help one to remain fit and healthy. And healthy manpower/citizens are the wealth of the state. However, Guwahati has suffered from paucity of space for the purpose. There has been always a risk involved while walking, running and cycling on the road sides. As such it is suggested that one complete road lane from Guwahati University to Noonmati and other lane from Chandmari to Khapara etc are to be kept free from all kinds of vehicular traffic from 4 am to 7 am (only three hours). Then People can use one lane comfortably for walking, running and cycling. Simultaneously, GMC/GMDA should develop some fields at different localities in the city for walking, playing and for other sporting activities.

(XX) Public Convenience/ Lavatory: It is unfortute that Guwahati can't boast of having any public convenience even after 70 years of independence. As such people have no other go but to release ture's call on the road side walls/ drains. Imagine a situation when one is under tremendous pressure to release excreta. These are real life situations. For men folk there are some scopes to mage it. But what would happen to women? It is reprehensible that GMC/GMDA could not provide basic requirement to its citizens. Quality public conveniences/lavatories are required to be built urgently for both men and women at a Apart from the above, some spittoons should also be put on the road sides to restrict people to spit on the road and road sides. It is really appalling to see that people wearing suit-boot use to spit on the street or anywhere they like.

(XXI) Installation of CCTV Cameras: The whole of Guwahati needs to be covered under CCTV camera network surveillance. If it is already covered, the same needs to be made operatiol 24x7 to monitor centrally to control crime and traffic congestion.

(XXII) Piped water for all: Like air, water is also a basic requirement for all living beings. Notwithstanding the fact hardly 30 % population of Guwahati are able to avail piped water supplied by GMC/GMDA. Consequently rest 70 % population is drawing underground (U/G) water by means of bore wells. Thus, the water level is going down beyond the permissible limit which is not at all desirable. This would ultimately affect plants lives and all of us too. This apart huge amount of power is required daily to draw water to meet the requirement of 70% population of Guwahati metro. Therefore, completion of water projects under construction is to be expedited. In fact, it needs to be borne in mind one thing is that time is the essence of any project. If project completion schedule is not adhered to and that would result in huge cost overrun.

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