Kaalchakra predicts rebellion in State Cabinet

Other predictions by the almac are –

*    Good omen for the Prime Minister set to keep all threats, including war threat from neighbouring countries, at bay.

*    Interl conflicts in the ruling coalition in the State.

*    Resigtion of the AGP leadership set to mark the year.

*    The coming year to be marked by lack unity, agitations by farmers and ethnic groups, insurgency, abduction etc.

*    Border disputes with Aruchal Pradesh and galand are on the cards.

*    India is set to break new ground at the intertiol level in science and medical science.    

*    War with a neighbouring country is on the card.

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Jan 24: Rebellion in the State Cabinet and interl conflicts among the ruling coalition at Dispur are set to mark Bhaskarabda 1425 (Assamese calendar) beginning on April 15, 2018 and ending on April 14, 2019, if the predictions made by Kaalchakra Purngo Ponjika has anything to go by.

The almac authored by astrologer Pulin Chandra Deba Sarma and published by Rajendra Mohan Sarma was released at a function in Guwahati on Wednesday in the presence of its author and publisher, besides Kamakhya Bordoloi Mohit Chandra Sarma, legal adviser to the almac committee senior advocate Bhimsen Sinha and others.

Addressing the gathering, astrologer Pulin Chandra Deba Sarma said: “The planetary movements say that a rebellion in the State Cabinet and serious differences in the ruling coalition are on the cards in the year ahead that is also likely to face insurgency, lack unity, farmers’ agitations, agitations by ethnic groups, aggravating unemployment, rise in thefts, looting, killings, abduction, road accidents, air accidents and train accidents, fall is morals of students, drugs paralyzing life etc. Besides these, the rise in border disputes among Assam, Aruchal Pradesh and galand, suppressive policy of the government at Dispur and ethnic clashes are set to make the situation volatile in the State.” In politics in the State, Deba Sarma said: “Even though the BJP is set to woo the people of the State, the party may run the risk of facing opposition on regiol issues. Resigtion of the leadership in the AGP will be a significant development in the year ahead. Dispur is likely to be tougher against the ULFA, the NDFB and other rebel groups in the State.” At the tiol level, Deba Sarma said: “There runs the risk of serious disagreements that may fuel problems to crop up. However, Brihaspati (Jupiter) will remain active to find solutions to problems. It’s Jupiter’s power that is set to keep any threats from any neighbouring countries at bay.”

On health, the almac predicts that unknown diseases may take their toll in the country. “Threats from fire, skes, abduction, killings, insurgency, explosions, border disputes, military operations etc., may lead people to pass sleepless nights. This apart, in engineering, diplomacy, art and culture, sculpture, education, commerce, research, space research, nuclear power and medical science India is set to break fresh ground at the intertiol level. Wars with a neighbouring country cannot be ruled out. Though all such developments are likely to pose a threat to the tion, Prime Minister rendra Modi has the blessings of good omen to keep such threats at bay in the year ahead. Deaths of noted politicians, practitioners, dramatists, economists and others may mark the year.”

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