Leg attack a threat to life: Dr Parakh

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, August 13: Leg attack is considered to be more dangerous than brain attack, says Dr. Rajib Parakh.

Dr Parakh, who is the chairman of the division of peripheral vascular and endovascular sciences of Medanta – the Medicity, was here in Guwahati.

“Twenty per cent of diabetic patients suffer from leg attack every year. Lifestyle magement, food magement, and spiritual practices can save a patient from the worst,” he said, and added: “When inter leukan-6 increases our body becomes the abode of diseases. This has been proved scientifically that those who take to spirituality inter leukan-6 decreases. This apart, to get rid of leg attack one needs healthy food and 2/3 km walking a day, besides regular heath check-up and medicines. Diabetic patients are not free from gangrene – a condition when the tissues in the leg die due to lack of blood flow. When there’s gangrene, amputation is the only way out for doctors.”

He further said: “Every year 38 lakh people are affected by diabetes and a third of them have the risk of leg attack. In the past five years, the number of diabetic patients rose by 30 to 40 per cent in the Northeast. However, most of the people in the region don’t know that they’re diabetic. The need of the hour is to hold awareness camps on diabetes.”

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