Political blame-game makes women suffer more!

By our Staff Reporter 
Guwahati, June 29: The state has been witnessing a spurt in crimes against women and theft, indicating failure of the government to contain the law-and-order situation. 
During the Congress regime, the Opposition – mainly the AGP and BJP – vehemently censured the government for its failure in maintaining law and order in the State.  Now, the Opposition is passing the buck to the Sonowal-led BJP government, as the landscape of crimes has remained unchanged in the State. The government, thus, has scored low in mitigating the crime rate. Besides, the law-and-order situation has been given a political shade by political parties.  
As per data of the Assam Police, the total number of theft related cases that was registered in 2015 was 1224; in 2016 it stood at 12,846, and 4,137 (up to April) in 2017. However, out of 12,197 crimils those were arrested only 461 were convicted in 2015. In 2016, 12,155 were arrested, out of which 382 were being convicted. 
Simultaneously, in crimes against women that include cases of domestic violence, dowry, rape, molestation, etc, 11,680 cases were registered by the Assam Police in 2015.  Though 17,034 crimils were arrested only 615 were convicted.  In the following year 16,194 cases were registered, in which only 394 crimils were convicted out of 12,545. In 2017, where 4763 cases were registered by Assam Police, only 94 were convicted out of 1,423. 
Though the crime graph in the state shows an upward trend, the crimils go scot-free because of lack of evidence as well as failure of the police in filing the charge sheet at the appropriate time. 
Both the former and the ruling government, thus, have botched in maintaining law and order, especially in giving protection to women. 

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