Purnima on stork conversation

By our Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, May 30: Purnima Devi Barman, fondly called as Hargila Baideo, has said that much needs to be done if the Asiatic stork is to be preserved so as to strike an ecological balance in the State. At the meet the press programme organized by Guwahati Press Club here today, Barman said: “The population of Asiatic stork was very high in Assam some 50 years ago. In India storks are found in Assam and Bihar. It’s also found in Cambodia. It has three different species. Around ten years back the species was found in gaon. However, nowadays it’s not seen there. There was a stork colony at Ulubari in Guwahati also. We need to study more about storks if we’re to preserve them. We need to bring about awareness on the preservation of stork. We’ve to plant trees and keep wetlands intact. To make that happen, people of the respective areas should come out on their own to declare areas being inhabited by storks as green zones. This species likes to take shelter in tall trees like kapok trees.” It is worth mentioning here that Green Oscar is awaiting Barman. She will be given away the award at London on June 5, the World Environment Day.

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