Reflective collars for stray dogs to avoid accidents!


GUWAHATI, Jan 6: In order to avoid accidents of stray animals on roads at night, an Agartala-based NGO, Pawsome has come up with an innovative idea of collaring up as many stray dogs as possible with reflective collars.
Speaking to this reporter, Pawsome general secretary Rig Ved said, “We work for the wellbeing of stray animals, and we have noticed that the number of death cases of dogs being hit by vehicles is very large and it increases more during winter when the fog is denser.”
“This usually happens because it becomes difficult for the one driving car to spot dogs at night. So, we have taken an initiative of collaring up stray dogs with reflective collars. Whenever vehicles move and the lights fall on the dogs the collars will shine and it will make it easier for drivers to spot dogs and drive safe,” he added.
Ved said that they are trying to look for all such nonprofit organizations working for protection of stray animals across the region to take up such an initiative in order to protect the animals from accidental deaths at night. He said this technique can also be very fruitful in saving animals being crashed by vehicles during floods in Assam.
However, speaking to this reporter, a member of Assam-based NGO Aaranyak Aditya Das said, “We’re trying to get into contact with Pawsome members in order to collaborate with them to initiate this idea of reflective collars on dogs of our State too. This can be really helpful for stray animals of both the States, and we can save many lives.”

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