Respect eludes B'putra!

Post-mami Brahmaputra

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, June 10: Waste magement has gone haywire in Guwahati where the Brahmaputra was worshipped recently, spending crores of rupees. Do we really respect the mighty male river?

Here is a reality check. Have a look at this picture by the side of a very important road in the city. Filth of all hues has been dumped here downstream a sluice gate near the Brahmaputra at Uzan Bazar in the city.

What is significant is that this road is being used by the two heads of the State – the Governor and the Chief Minister. This road leads one to the Governor’s House and the Brahmaputra Guest House, the official residence of Chief Minister Sarbanda Sonowal.

This is not the only scene of garbage mismagement in Guwahati. In fact, the city has a lot of such scenes that essentially paint its grim picture for visitors. The reason behind choosing and picking this particular scene from a whole lot of such scenes to highlight is very simple. It is to make one gauge as to how the situation will look like in less important or not important localities if this important road being used by the Governor and the Chief Minister day in, day out meets such a fate.        

Garbage disposal has always been a grey area in Guwahati. The city witnessed laxity of garbage disposal in the past 15 years. However, in post-BJP at the Centre, there has been cleanliness drives under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Guwahatians saw the Governor wielding brooms in some of the cleanliness drives. As though ice on the cake, the State witnessed mami Brahmatura after cleaning the river. mami Brahmaputra does have sacrosanct ture of the river as its essence. How come the bank of the river is littered so badly or allowed to be littered to such an extent? Does not it beat the very sanctity of the river one aspires to?

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