Set free TE workers: ASCSS

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Aug 23: The Assam Sangrami Chah Sramik Sangha(ASCSS) has urged the State Government to set free the workers of Borgaon Tea Estate who had been arrested for, what the police said, insulting the tiol Flag on the Independence  Day. The Sangha has also condemned the lockout of Borgaon Tea Estate by its magement.

“The act of Borgaon Tea Garden magement is condemble. The workers of the tea garden earlier have asked for minimum facilities they are entitled to.  The demands include an ambulance, the appointment of a nurse for medical services, kuttcha quarters etc. The tea garden has an area spanning over 1,500 bighas of land. The workers are asking for minimum facilities they need,” ASCSS president Vivek Das said while addressing the press in the city on Wednesday.

 Borgaon tea estate workers hoisted the tiol Flag with ked bodies on August 15.

Sentinel Assam