TAYPA demands probe into AXX anomalies

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, May 29: The Tai Ahom Yuba Parishad: Assam (TAYPA) has raised the demand for an inquiry into the fincial anomalies in the Axam Xahitya Xahba (AXM) within 24 hours. It has also asked the AXX secretary general to quit his government service if he wishes to be fully absorbed into the AXX.

Addressing the media at Guwahati Press Club here today, TAYPA publicity secretary Dharmakanta Gogoi said: “The AXX is now a medium for an unscrupulous lot to mint easy money. During Paramanda Rajbongshi’s seven-year tenure, the AXX got Rs 1.57 crore under Plan head, Rs 93089 lakh under non-Plan head and over Rs 4.50 crore for the celebration of the centery of the Xabha. Where and how has the AXX spent the amount it got from the government? The Xabha opted to submit its utilization certificate to the government in the form of a note. This apart, the AXX also received dotions from various other sources. Despite such a flow of funds, the 25-30 people working in the Xabha had to agitate for not getting their salaries on time. We, therefore, demand an inquiry into the fincial anomalies in the Xabha within 24 hours.”

Gogoi further said: “How come AXX secretary general Paramanda Rajbongshi associates himself with the AXX despite being a government employee? This essentially means that he bunks his duty as a government employee. We dare him if he has any inclition towards literature, he should resign from the government post he has been holding.”

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