Total roster overhaul: Schools on scanner

Total roster overhaul: Schools on scanner

*    Three academic calendars from January 5

*    Two leisure periods daily


GUWAHATI, Dec 28: The State Education sector is in for a total change what with three academic calendars, two leisure periods a day. The three calendars are thought to be foolproof ones in checking cut class by teachers and taught as well.

An academic calendar aligns with the calendar year i.e., from January 1 to December 31. The three academic calendars going to be released on January 5, 2018 are set to be effective from January 8, 2018 when the academic session starts. This year as many as three calendars have been prepared – one for lower and upper primary classes by the State Council Educatiol Research and Training (SCERT), and another for the secondary classes by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) and yet another for the higher secondary classes by the Assam Higher Secondary Educatiol Council (AHSEC).

This is the first time AHSEC is going to release an academic calendar aligning with the calendar year. Earlier, the AHSEC used to release academic calendars from April to March next. In all levels of schools, classes are to start at the same time. Unlike earlier academic schedules, the new academic calendars are to have two leisure periods – one from 12 noon and the other from 2 pm. The provision for two leisure periods is indicative of the stricture to avoid “cut class”, be it by teachers or taught. However, pupils of lower primary classes are not going to attend regular classes after the second leisure period, i.e. after 2 pm. They can at best be kept busy with co-curricular activities like playing. For secondary classes, its calendar has spelt out everything explicitly with lesson plans as to how the main subjects and the five elective subjects have to be taught month-wise.

What is totally new in High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) candidates is that the pre-test has to be conducted from October 1-10 and answer scripts are to be sent to guardians to let them know the progress of their wards. While the calendar has specifications of assignments for students of classes IX and X in summer vacation, students of class IX have some assignments in December for submission as and when schools open. For the students of Cachar, five additiol holidays are given for Durga Puja which will be deducted from summer vacation. Various days are observed in schools. The new set of calendars have everything in detail as to how such days are to be observed, without allowing students and teachers to sit tied at homes enjoying holiday. ‘No-Tobacco Day’, ‘Malaria Day’ are included for observance in schools so as to bring awareness among students.

Each of the three calendars gets a message across by giving quotes of great persolities at the end of every month. The very purpose of such an inclusion is helping students follow the footsteps of great persolities in shaping their characters and giving the tion a desired shape.

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