'Trace missing millions to eradicate TB'


GUWAHATI, Oct 28: Tuberculosis has become a serious threat in the Northeast that leads rest of the country in the occurrence of TB. 
In order to take the region out of this evil spell of tuberculosis it is necessary to search for the ‘missing millions’ who have been suffering from tuberculosis but lost in transition of medical facilities, affecting quality of life and life expectancy. Those millions, who are uware of this disease in them, are simply spreading it among others. 
As an initiative to uproot tuberculosis from the Northeast and the whole of India by 2025, the first TB conference-cum-stakeholders’ workshop for elimition of TB was organized by Department of North East Region (DoNER), along with Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, TB Association of NE India and Public Health Foundation of India, New Delhi at a hotel in Guwahati on Saturday. 
Addressing the media, Dr VK Arora from TB Association of India said, “Cough is a socially accepted evil and this disease spreads to hundreds and thousands of people for not covering their mouth while coughing.”
“In order to eradicate this disease from this region and the whole country, first we must reach those missing millions who spread this disease to hundreds more before being diagnosed. When a person doesn’t know his regular cough is due to TB in him, he has no reason to go to the doctor. Till he realizes he has a serious disease like TB and goes for medication he will have spread the disease to many more. So, we must first try to reach those missing millions before they spread the disease. Only then we can expect for a TB free India by 2025.”

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