Traditiol fishing, traditiol fish selling!

From our Correspondent

AZARA, Jan 7: Traditiol fishing and fish selling were alive on the bank of Deepor Beel in Guwahati on Sunday. Braving the chill, piscetarians thronged the Ramsar Site and bought fish in the traditiol ‘achka’ pricing system (lump sum) without weighing.

There was mass fishing at Deepor Beel by the local fishermen on Sunday. The fishermen, however, refrained from fishing in an area demarcated by the State Forest Department as reserved land. The bank of Deepor Beel looked like a fair with people thronging it in large number. Fishermen, equipped with various traps for fish including nets of all hues, were seen in hundreds in the Beel for fishing. The Beel also had a large number of onlookers as fishing is a game that pleases fishermen and onlookers as well. Fishing is also part of the culture in the State. Fishing is essentially a culture and a tradition for a section of people who have weaved many folk songs and dances on fishing. 

The fished captured from the Ramsar Site glutted the Godhuli Bazar in Azara later in the day on Sunday. The sale of fish was on traditiol ‘achka’ system there too.       

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