Trickster caged in Jaipur, brought to Guwahati

Defrauded people claim around Rs 4 crore from Sunil Jain, more claimants keep coming

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Aug 26: People keep coming to lay claim to the huge fortune, amounting to several crores of rupees, made by trickster Sunil Kumar Jain (45) only by defrauding people. Jain has been brought to the city from Rajasthan on Saturday.  

Jain had been in Guwahati in 2014 when he had defrauded many people through a whole lot of tempting offers – with the promise of giving contracts, paying high interest rates and whatnot. Staying on rent in Green Building at Kedar Road in Fancy Bazar, Jain was the mager of a petrol pump in Guwahati. Through his luring tactics he could mint a huge amount of money and fled Guwahati all of a sudden.

As many as three cases –277/14, 2800/14 and 3473/14 – were filed against him in Bharalumukh police station at that time. The cases registered against him went to the court that issued him a summons. He, however, did not turn up and that led the court to issue an arrest warrant against him. The police, however, could not locate his whereabouts as he had all along been absconding. The court then issued an order for the seizure of his assents. That order too failed to do much as his whereabouts could not be ascertained by the police.

However, after long three years Bharalumukh police arrested Jain from Vidhyadhar gar in North Jaipur in Rajasthan on August 24, 2017, produced him before the CJM court there and brought him to Guwahati through a transit remand.  

With the news of Jain being brought to Guwahati spreading like a wildfire, a whole lot of people keep coming to lay claim to the huge fortune Jain had amassed by defrauding people. Two of the many people who had been defrauded by Jain are Pawan Kumar Mour of Fancy Bazar and Vijay Singh of Kedar Road in the city. While Jain had taken Rs 10 lakh from Mour, Singh had given the trickster Rs 5.50 lakh.  

According to the police, more people keep coming to lay claim over the money they had given to Jain who had even deceived many people by issuing cheques that bounced. According to the police the amount claimed by various claimants so far has gone to around Rs 4 crore, and the amount keeps going up as more and more people are coming.

Sentinel Assam