Ugro Tara Temple to go for buffalo sacrifice on vami

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Sept 20: Ugro Tara Mandir near Jorpukhuri in the Uzan Bazar area in Guwahati is going to hold the 974th Durga Puja this year, claims the Bordeori Community. Buffalo sacrifice is a common practice in this puja on vami. 

As myth goes, the vel (belly button) of Sati was dropped at the site where the temple was erected. Kailash Sarma, a member of Ugro Tara Maging Committee, said: “We follow the age-old tradition of puja without having to erect any pandal or any other decoration. Dashami and Sasthi puja aren’t observed in our temple. As many as 197 Bordeori families have been associated with this puja. We go for buffalo sacrifice on vami. We sacrifice 12 to 15 buffalos every year. We sacrifice duck, pigeon, clarias (magur fish), goat, arum, pumpkin, sugarcane etc., on Saptami and Asthami pujas.”

When asked as to why they have kept the tradition of sacrifice still alive, Sarma said: “There’s a belief that sacrifice appeases the Goddess who showers blessings. Ugro Tara is worshipped like Kamakhya. Liquor, flesh, modaka, coconut and sugarcane are a must for the worship of Ugro Tara in the Vedic system. Ojhapali, Kamrupia Dhulia and other traditiol programmes will be other highlights.”

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