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Viswakarma temple gears up for deity worship


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GUWAHATI, Sept 16: The only Vishwakarama temple in Assam is all set to commemorate the hindu lord of architecture.

The temple, situated at Kamakhya Gate in the foothills of Nilachal Hills was established in the year 1965. It is the only one of its kind in Assam and probably in the entire northeast.

A large number of devotees thong the temple premise particularly on September 17 which is celebrated as Vishwakarma Puja in entire India and particularly in the eastern states.

Damodar Dhirasaria, patron of the Vishwakarma mandir said that the temple was founded by Bhabakanta Sarmah, a panda (priest) of the Kamakhya temple, in association with Mahabir Prasad Dhirasaria, a contractor.

"The construction of the temple was started by Mahabir Prasad Dhirasaria in the year 1959-1960 during the first Motorable Road Construction for Kamakhya Temple. He was one of the three contractors who undertook this prestigious work to construct First Motorable Road to Kamakhya Temple. During the road construction, rocks were broken via blasts, which resulted in their pieces falling on road at the foothills of Nilachal hill and disturbing the traffic. This gave birth in the minds of peoples that since changes are done on Holy Nilachal Parbat (Kamakhya Temple), God is getting angry. Therefore an idol of Lord Viswakarma was kept there to pacify the proceedings, as Lord Vishwakarma is the God for Construction, Architecture and Machinery," Dhirasaria said. He further said that it was due to the blessing of Lord Viswakarma, that the remaining part of road construction was completed without much hindrance. Later that year during Viswakarma Puja, some Vehicles had stopped by and offered puja to the idol of Lord Viswakarma. "Overwhelmed with this development, Late Pt. Bhabakanta Sharma requested Late Mahabir Prasad Dhirasa to construct a permanent Temple of Lord Viswakarma, for which Late Pt. Bhabakanta Sharma doted his Land. Late Mahabir Prasad Dhirasa completed the construction of temple without taking the any exterl help and a new Idol of Lord Viswakarma, made of marble was setup after performing 'pran pratistha puja', 'havan jagya' and other rituals," Dhirasaria stated.

"Since 1965, the yearly maintence and renovation of temple is looked after by the family members of Late Mahabir Prasad Dhirasaria and the daily Puja of Lord Vishwakarma is performed by the family members of Late Pt. Bhabakanta Sharma. Every year Shree Shree Viswakarma Puja is organised at the Temple by the family members of Late Mahabir Prasad Dhirasaria. By the virtue of Pujan all the offerings in the Temple goes to the family members of Late Pt. Bhabakanta Sharma," he further said.

Dhirasaria stated that Joykant Sharma, grandson of Late Pt. Bhabakanta Sharma (donner of Temple Land) is looking after Puja in the temple.

He further thanked the media for providing coverage of the temple, which has resulted in ever increase turnout of devotees especially on the day of Viswakarma Puja.

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