After championing Belly Button Oils, Nabhi Sutra now launches multiple Ayurveda-based Solutions

Also known as Pechoti Intake Method of Ayurveda,"Pechoti is an epicenter located at the center of the body, approximately above the naval area.
After championing Belly Button Oils, Nabhi Sutra now launches multiple Ayurveda-based Solutions

Post the pandemic, people have developed a close understanding about ayurveda, they have drifted towards making a conscious decision when it comes to their health. One such brand that is based on such principles is Nabhi Sutra. India's one-of-its-kind homegrown brand Nabhi Sutra lays a deep-rooted focus on non-invasive ways to take care of health.

The foundation of brand Nabhi Sutra revolves on the idea of putting drops of essential oil in the belly button. Also known as Pechoti Intake Method of Ayurveda,"Pechoti is an epicenter located at the center of the body, approximately above the naval area. The pechoti intake method is a process where one can absorb natural essential oil through one's belly button for pain relief and relaxation,"

Oiling the navel helps to detoxify the body and promotes healthy, radiant skin, free from radical damage. Furthermore, the navel absorbs oil more quickly and supplies sustenance from within.

Nabhi Sutra has launched many such exotic oils that are meant not only for the nabhi but work perfectly to strike a balance in the whole body. It has a range of diverse belly button oils for different purposes and which work wonders if used religiously in the day today. Nabhi Sutra makes sure not to compromise with its quality and also the company with a sustainable outlook prohibits and discourages the use of plastic bottles and thus only provides the best to its clientele.

The brand makes a concoction of many belly button oils for improvement in issues such has -

1 - Healthy Hair Care Belly Button Oil

2 - Sensational Skin Care Belly Button Oil

3 - Joint Pain Remedy Hair Care Oil

4 - Brain Development Belly Button Oil

5 - Daily Care and Detox Belly Button Oil

6 - Eye Care

7 - Acne Control

8 - Menstrual Pain Relief

9 - Sleep Inducing

10 - Daily Digestion

The brand has also introduced - ADHYAY, which is an overnight scalp therapy oil to improve the quality of skin layers of the scalp and hair follicles. A therapeutic amalgamation of Onion, Thyme, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Coconut, Neem, Almond and Black Seed. Much preferred by audiences Adhyay scalp therapeutic oil lays its focus on 6 week therapy to get rid of hair related issues. They have also launched Neem wood comb under the brand name ADHYAY.

According to Swati Sutaria Vakharia, Founder, Nabhi Sutra,"At Nabhi Sutra, We aspire to alter the contemporary method of treatment and sustain the conventional and age-old method of natural treatment. All our products are FDA certified and 100% natural. There are no added colors or fragrances. They have been produced by qualified experts with in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic procedures and measures,"

She further reiterates,"Nabhi Sutra has a complete range of cold-pressed oils that do not go through any heat treatment, ensuring retention of their nutrients. Organically produced cold-pressed oil is the most expensive solely because of its stupendous health endowments, flavour and richness,"

Launched in September 2019, The brand has recently turned Three Years old and has been a preferred choice for their customers. Started with an initial investment of Rs 5 lakh, the firm was able Rs 1 crore in turnover in its very first year, followed by 2 crore and now this year it aims at 5 crore revenue. They are showing remarkable growth month by month and soon going to sell their products in the international market.

Swati, a staunch believer in ayurvedic and home remedies. Being who she is, she inclined Ayurveda. It was this very fact that prophylactic measures lead to a healthy life and how significant role it played in her and her infant's life that ignited the conceptualization and launch of her brand Nabhi Sutra, India's very first ayurvedic belly button oils. Nabhi In Hindu mythology, the navel is one of the symbols of rebirth.

Nabhi Sutra, India's first belly button oils brand has seen an upsurge in the demand of their products and they have been able to sell 10,000+ bottles per month, and have served more than 2,00,000. customers in India so far.

About 98% of the sale is via online mode only. From which 80% comes from their website. Nabhi Sutra's products are available through its own website and via third party platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Seniority, 1MG, Snapdeal, Etsy, and LimeRoad among others. In the effort to promote holistic well-being, Nabhi Sutra remedial formulations via Ayurvedic Oils have been made under the guidance of Ayurvedic Doctors & Experts.

Nabhi Sutra has served more than 2,00,000 customers in India so far. Nabhi Sutra's expansion plans include new markets like the US, Australia and the UAE among others.

"We are getting decent traffic on our website from the US due to heavy demand for Ayurvedic products," says Swati.

Swati also runs a charitable trust, Women Planet Foundation whose campaign Muskaan Ek Pahel, is specifically designed for women in rural areas and menstrual hygiene education. She also owns an IT firm, Black iD Solutions, and has been working in digital marketing for over 14 years now.

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