Strength Training: The Benefits of Strenght Training work outs

Strength training is not just about bodybuilding and gaining muscles. It is a lot more than that. Read this article to know about strength training.
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Strength training can also be referred to as weight training or resistance training. It is basically a physical exercise that is done to amend muscular fitness by working on a specific muscle through resisting external force like bodyweight, free weights, or weight machines.

Why it matters?

The strength training workouts are quite beneficial in working on balance, for your heart, strengthening bones, and also helps in losing weight along with making you look better.

It is a lot more than just building your body and gaining muscle, it actually prevents the loss of muscle mass which occurs naturally with ageing. It is the best kind of work out that guides your overall fitness, especially for those who are having heart problems, arthritis, or obesity.

Things you need to know about strength training:

• It is real that you actually do not need any heavy equipment for this exercise. Simple pushups and body-weight exercises can help in muscle growth. You can also use cheap and simple equipment like resistance bands, inflatable balls, etc.

• Free weights: Free weights are those that aren't a part of a machine like you might use small dumbbells and then go for the big ones whenever you are ready but just go slow.

• Take advice from your trainer: it is always better to take advice from a professional trainer like about the techniques and what kind of exercise to start with etc.

• Always remember that the muscles too need some rest. Do not forget to take a whole day rest before your next strength works out.

• Breathe: just exhale and inhale while lifting up and putting down your weight. It will keep you away from several severe injuries.

What are the advantages?

Strengthening exercise will present you with several health benefits. Below are some mentioned:

1. Makes you fit and strong:

It has another name which is resistance training because it helps in providing strength to your muscles and makes them toned through contracting your muscle with resisting force.

2. It makes your bone stronger and gains muscle mass:

With age, you start to lose your lean muscle. But with strength training, it strengthens your bone density and also helps in protecting muscle mass.

3. It helps to burn calories and weight loss:

It is quite useful in burning calories and losing weight by increasing resting metabolism.

4. It helps in managing severe long-lasting diseases:

this training is helpful in managing some long-lasting to a great extent like arthritis and type-2 diabetes.

5. It helps in boosting energy along with your mood:

It provides some positive impact on the brain and helps in improving sleeping patterns thus resulting in boosting up your mood. It also helps your body to gain an energy level.

6. It improves cardiovascular health:

this training is quite useful in maintaining blood pressure. Studies have also found out that it helps in decreasing hypertension and also prevents you from various heart diseases. 

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