Bipolar Disorder, A Mental Health Disorder: Meaning and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a mental health issue causing depression. Know about the meaning of Bipolar Disorder and its Symptoms:
Bipolar Disorder, A Mental Health Disorder: Meaning and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is also known earlier as manic depression is a mental health disorder related to severe mood swings including emotional highs such as mania, hypomania and lows. The ultimate cause and exact reason for Bipolar Disorder are not known yet but it is considered that the change in the structure of the brain may lead to disorder. Genetic causes and environmental causes may result in Bipolar Disorder.

People often face depression in their life due to certain reasons but it becomes serious when they face unusual and strange feelings. Depression makes a person out of interest in anything and hopeless in situations but when the mood turns into mania or hypomania, the person feels irritating without reason and energetic. Such mood swings harm the daily life of an individual affecting his/her behaviour, sleep, activities, energy, judgment and the capacity of clear thinking.

The mental state of mood swings may occur very rarely at a certain time or it may occur again and again in one year. Mood swings may take place for a longer period which could last from days to even months and sometimes create thoughts of suicide. Bipolar Disorder may be faced by any person at any age but is most common among teenagers or people in their age of early 20s.


• Extreme and sudden high energy in the body during Mania

• Loss of sense to connect with reality

• Loss of interest and motivation

• Talking loud and rapidly when in Mania

• Losing the need of sleeping in Mania

• Thoughts of killing oneself during the depression

• Sometimes eating too much but at some moment eating too less

• Sense of personal worthlessness

Bipolar disorder is usually a lifelong process of disorder but one may definitely control mood swings and symptoms related to Bipolar disorder by following good treatment. Bipolar disorder is mostly cured by various medications and psychotherapy that involves counselling of the mental state of a person facing strange symptoms.

Bipolar disorder meaning in Hindi

बाइपोलर डिसऑर्डर को लोग पागपल के नाम से भी जानते हैं । लोगों को लगता है जो की इस बीमारी का शिकार होता है वह पागल है । हालांकि इसका अर्थ एक मनोरोग जरूर है । पर इसका मतलब यह नहीं है की रोगी पागल है । बाइपोलर पर्स्नालिटी डिसऑर्डर का हिन्दी में अर्थ द्विध्रुवी विकार है । यह व्यक्ति के व्यक्तिव से जुड़ा हुआ विकार होता है । व्यक्तित्व को अङ्ग्रेज़ी में पर्स्नालिटी कहा जाता है । लोग इस रोग को लेकर कई बरं पाले हुए हैं । लोगों को लगता है की यह डबल पर्सनालती दिसोर्डर से संबंध रखता है जो की सच बात नहीं है

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