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BMI Calculator: Calculate Your Body Mass Index, Find Ideal BMI for Men and Women

BMI is a device that is used to identify the body mass index by checking whether the weight of a particular body is perfect for its height. Know how to calculate your BMI and find out ideal BMI for men and women:

BMI Calculator: Calculate Your Body Mass Index, Find Ideal BMI for Men and Women

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BMI is a very useful device available both online and offline to check if the body height matches the weight of the body. It is the best measurement technique of the amount of body mass that a person has in accordance with weight and height as it could be a good indicator of maintaining fitness. It is a tool to figure out the excess of fat in the body and the status of weight in connection with the fat.

The body mass is not just the fat inside your body it also includes the fats in muscles and bones. The calculation process of the BMI calculator is that it brings out the weight of a body and divides it by double the body height. The calculator is helpful in focusing on the health issues and getting an idea about the body mass.


• Finding out self BMI or someone else's is a very simple process, you just need a calculator on your hand or do the way through IBM calculators available online in various websites and apps

• One must be aware of the height and weight of the body that needs to be checked by BMI calculator

• For conclusion divide the weight of the body in kilograms by the height of the body in metres

• In the online process of entering the height and weight the results are shown immediately on the screen

• Getting the number below or above the average, the person needs to approach the doctor once in six months or a year


• The numbers starting from 18.5 kg/metre square to 25 kg/m2 is regarded as a normal BMI.

• Being less than 15 signifies the body as severely underweight,

• Starting from 25 and ending 30 are regarded as overweight.

• Crossing 30 means obese

BMI for Men and Women:

The numbers and which category they fall whether overweight, underweight, obese or normal is applied to everyone irrespective of what age they are. There is no ideal range of BMI for the categories of gender or belonging to any age as it is been declared by the medical team that BMI cut off for Asian populations must be 23 as these people face diabetes issues the most. Generally, women are considered to have lots of fat than men in their bodies but this doesn't indicate a different BMI of women and men. Some of the studies though show that on average men sometimes holds a little higher values of BMI than women. This difference goes increasing as women with their increasing age and in process of getting older put up more weight. Studies considered that the numbers such as 30, 32, and 33 are the higher cut off for women.

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