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Borderline Personality Disorder: Symptoms, Treatment And Everything You Need To Know

Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health disorder that affects the functioning of everyday life making a person feel frustrated.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Symptoms, Treatment And Everything You Need To Know

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  22 Dec 2021 12:56 PM GMT

Borderline Personality Disorder means a mental health disorder that impacts the way a person feels and thinks about oneself and also regarding others. It leads to cause issues with functioning in daily life.

Early adulthood is the stage of life where people usually start experiencing borderline personality disorder and during young adulthood, the disease seems to be getting worsened. After adulthood with getting older, a person gets better and free from the disorder.

People suffering from borderline personality disorder sometimes get discouraged but they must know that there are treatments that can help in tackling all the issues related to the disease. Discussing the issues with the family members and close ones proves to be much helpful in living a satisfying life during borderline personality disorder.

Borderline Personality Disorder Signs and Symptoms:

• A person suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder often experiences a pattern of unstable relationships in his/her life.

• They also face difficulties in handling different emotions whether it is happiness, sadness, or any other.

• People suffer from self-image problems due to this mental disorder.

• Extreme fear regarding abandonment of instability is experienced by people dealing with a borderline personality disorder.

• Being alone is something much difficult to tolerate during the disorder.

• Those experiencing the disorder often push away other people away because of strange and unreasonable mood swings, anger that is not acceptable, and impulsiveness.

• This becomes a major problem as they might not want to behave in such a way rather wants to have a loving relationship but the disordered leads them to end up with no one.

• People lost connection with reality and live in a dreamy world

• During the disorder, he/she often gets involved in physical fights due to unrequited aggressiveness.

• Rejections are not acceptable by people with borderline personality disorder and this leads them to get frustrated causing harm to themselves.

Borderline Personality Disorder Causes:

The causes of borderline personality disorder are not surely known but in view of the environmental factors they might be caused due to the reasons given below:

• Brain Functioning: According to researches some of the Brain function that helps in regulating the mood and behaviour of a person such as Serotonin, might not function properly and this may cause borderline personality disorder.

• Brain abnormalities: Some other researchers came with the outcome that borderline personality disorder is caused when changes occur in certain areas of the brain which have involvement in aggression, emotion regulation, and impulsivity.

• Genetics: The genesis might also have a strong connection is causing borderline personality disorder as the members of the family might have experienced other mental disorders.

Some factors that can increase the risk of borderline personality disorder are:

• Childhood with stress: Some of the emotional and shocking activities that a child experiences during his childhood such as separation of his parents, physical and sexual abuse may lead to borderline personality disorder when the child grows up. Children sometimes see the quarrel between families closely and keep the entire incident stored in their mind which results in mental health issues.

• Hereditary predisposition: There is a great risk of borderline personality disorder if he/she gets in close contact with people already struggling with the disorder.


• On getting aware of any of the signs and symptoms a person must confront with a mental health provider or doctor.

• Call the number '911' immediately on having suicidal thoughts

• Discuss problems and the experienced Symptoms with loved ones and trusted close friends.

• Talk therapy also works in the case of borderline personality disorder.

• Medication prescribed by doctors is important in case of serious issues.

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