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Can Parents' Job Stress Affect Kid's Health?

Can Parents Job Stress Affect Kids Health?

Sentinel Digital Desk

New York: Besides economic resources, parents' autonomy in the workplace can help boost the health of their children, suggests research. While it was long known that sick children can affect a company's bottom line, less is known about the impact a parent's work life has on their children's health. The researchers, from the University of Houston in the US, looked at the so-called "self-regulatory resources", or the amount of self-control parents bring to parenting, including the ability to act in a more reflective manner. "If a parent has too many stressors, it reduces your self-control," said Christiane Spitzmueller, Professor. Parental self-control was linked to better health outcomes for children. In other words, how we parent when we experience high levels of stress is probably fundamentally different from how we parent when we are coping well. "At lower levels of job autonomy," the researchers wrote, "employees likely have to rely more on self-regulatory resources to compensate for the impact of limited control over one's job on one's personal life." On the other hand, "at higher levels of job autonomy, freedom and more decision-making opportunities are likely to motivate the person to engage; however, self-regulatory resources would be less needed." (IANS)


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